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The Coffee

The Bean

Mi Casa Coffee is grown in a specialised high-altitude micro-climate at the foot of snow-capped mountains in Pereira, Colombia.

Our 100% Colombian single origin coffee is rigorously selected to ensure that only the highest quality bean is hand roasted. Our coffee profile is described as a smooth body with pronounced aroma. A flavor profile with a subtle floral fragrance, notes of nuts, delicate fruits and brown sugar.

Each bean is meticulously prepared for roasting through a very personalised  process that possesses a strict quality control. 

Direct Trade

Mi Casa Coffee proudly sources it's coffee beans through Direct Trade methods which ensures that we eliminate quality reduction and price inflation through middle-man channels. Basically, we buy direct from the farmers, our home!

Mi Casa Coffee is highly invested in the quality of the coffee, as well as whether standards of economic, social and environmental sustainability are being maintained through this partnership. Through Direct Trade methods we can guarantee that each individual who is involved throughout the planting, growing, harvesting and roasting process is ethically treated and adequately compensated.

Direct Trade is all about building lasting relationships that create the most mutual benefit for the consumer and the producer. We continue to work with feedback from our consumers to to ensure that we are always producing the best bean for your best cup of coffee.

Direct Trade

The Bean Belt

The Bean Belt, also known as the Coffee Belt, is an area around the Earth roughly stretching between the Tropic of Cancer, 25°N and the Tropic of Capricorn, 25°S. This band holds almost all the coffee production in the world, and it is because of the ideal environmental conditions it provides.

All of the countries bounded by the Bean Belt have moderate climates with plenty of rain that allow for bold flavours to develop and a distinct sunny and dry season that allow for the harvesting, and in the case of Mi Casa Coffee, the unique process of sun dried beans.

Some say that the the rugged and mountainous Colombian landscape provides the perfect natural environment for growing coffee beans. It is generally agreed that the best Arabica beans grow between 1,300 and 1,600 metres above sea level, directly where we grow Mi Casa Coffee.

The warm days and cold nights typical of this mountainous yet tropical environment "shock" the natural chemicals — organic acids, aromatic compounds, and sugars — that make coffee taste delicious into the bean. That delectable blend of flavors then gets released into your cup when you brew.

The Coffee Belt